About Us

When TORROT GasGas North America, Inc. was acquired by Piere Mobility AG (KTM), the team in the US, whom had facilitated the growth of Torrot GasGas in North America, found themselves “seeking new opportunities”, as the saying goes. From the dissolution of TORROT GasGas North America, Inc. came the birth of Central Powersports Distribution, in 2020.

“The staff of TORROT GasGas here in the USA was a crucial part in the resurgence of GasGas from 2016-2018, with revenue sales increasing by over 200% just prior to the financial constraints that affected the parent company in 2019. We worked really well as a team, for our parent company TORROT GasGas, and we will continue to do so as Central Powersports Distribution moving forward. Everyone here at CPD loves what they do, and we have the experience and the knowledge necessary to help smaller European OEMs expand to reach customers in the United States.” - Mark Berg (past COO of TORROT GasGas)

Central Powersports Distribution partners with OEM manufacturers, through importation and distribution agreements, to build their brands in the US. CPD’s unique approach creates a strong foundation for brands looking to establish themselves in North America. CPD provides multiple noncompeting OEMs with shared facilities, staff, warehouse space, logistics, and distribution opportunities; CPD essentially functions as the broker connecting select overseas manufacturers to dealers and consumers here Stateside.

This creates cohesive stability by covering the entire nation with solid representation for the dealer-network to the end-customer support, all while lowering overhead costs of each brand. CPD Dealers, in turn, can choose to work with as many CPD-represented brands as they wish, depending on their store and market trends. The unique Central Powersports Distribution business model continues to prove quite appealing!

Central Powersports Distribution operates out of our 33,000 square-foot facility, in Marshall, Texas. In addition to housing operations, showroom, warehousing, and logistics, our facility is located on 8.8 wooded acres. An outstanding location allowing for bike testing, setup, and photo shoots on site.